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Islamic Azad University of Marvdasht Branch with the approach of enhancing knowledge, research and science at national level in cooperation with Human Geography Department of Marvdasht Branch to promote Sustainable Development and Planning Sciences and issues analysis of cities, villages and settlements of the country with permission of Ministry of Science, First Research and Technology has published the Regional Planning Quarterly with the publication of 4 issues per year.
The Regional Planning Quarterly, under license number 94/12871, dated 06/06/2014, and with license ID 75515, has been issued a license by the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance Press Supervisory Board.

 Regional Planning Quarterly, under license no. 3/11/3397 dated 01/01/30, during the meeting dated 2010/01/17, has received permission from the Humanities Working Group of the Department of Research of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.

The Regional Planning Journal received the scientific-research credentials from the Scientific Committee of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, dated 10/21/2011.

 Journal of Regional Planning at the Session of 2013/04/10 According to the Eighty-ninth Session of the Scientific Review and Confirmation Commission of Islamic Azad University, Letter No. 87/160147, dated 05/05/2019 .

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